Monday, 23 September 2013

Tea in Viet Nam

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Tea in Vietnam

Fortune Cookie:


The light is everyone. It is existent in all. As if the whole earth is a single mass of fire.

After producing mostly low-grade teas for many years, some producers are now making quality teas.

There are competing views about the quality and strength of teas from Vietnam. The green tea with lotus flowers (tra sen) tea I have been drinking for the last few weeks is really quite beautiful. It is fragrant and if held up to the light (I drink from a glass) is the most gorgeous light golden colour. Add in the fragrance of the lotus. Light. Extremely good for the body. In short a beautiful tea.

Types of Vietnamese Tea

Tra Sen – green lotus tea

Bac Thai – lemony yellow green tea

Trà Lài – Jasmine tea

Trà Mạn – plain black tea

Shan Tuyet teas from are harvested from very old trees. More about this black tea in a future post.

Preparing lotus tea for flavouring

Vietnamese tea culture.

Che Tuoi – Fresh Tea
This tea is traditionally made by plucking fresh leaves from a tea tree and putting them in a terracotta bowl with hot water. This is how the first tea was drunk.

Viet tea ceremony

Tea terrace in North Vietnam

A sip of the Lotus tea is genuinely life-affirming.

Tra Sen Lotus Tea

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