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Tea @ the Covent Garden Hotel

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Fine tea at the Covent Garden Hotel

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Satodoru 斯需 main 彈簧

The opportunity came again to drink fine tea. It got me to thinking about the origins, places, 

people and processes behind a simple order for a pot of tea.

Fine tea complete with mince pie.

A second flush muscatel Darjeeling

Darjeeling is high up in the hills of West Bengal. These are essentially the mammoth hills just below the Himalayas.

Traditionally, Darjeeling teas are classified as a type of black tea. However, the

modern Darjeeling style employs a hard wither (35-40% remaining leaf weight

after withering), which in turn causes an incomplete oxidation for many of the best

teas of this designation, which technically makes them a form of oolong. They

certainly present as an Oolong in their light, golden colour. Many Darjeeling teas

also appear to be a blend of teas oxidised to levels of green, oolong, and black.

The first flush is harvested in mid-March spring following rains, and has a gentle,

very light colour, aroma, and mild astringency.

Between tea is harvested between the two "flush" periods.

Second flush is harvested in June and produces an amber, full bodied, Muscatel-

flavoured cup.

Monsoon or Rains tea is harvested in the monsoon (or rainy season) between

second flush and autumnal, is less withered, consequently more oxidised, and

usually sold at lower prices. It is rarely exported, and often used in masala chai.

Autumnal flush is harvested in the autumn after the rainy season, and has a

somewhat less delicate flavour, less spicy tones, but fuller body and darker


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Then again I could choose a silver needle white tip from the Fujian province of China.

Baihao Yinzhen  white silver needle is also known as White Hair Silver Needle, is a white tea produced in Fujian province in China. 

Amongst  white teas , this IS the most expensive and the most Variety Prized, as only 

top buds (leaf shoots) are used to produce the tea. Genuine Silver Needles are made 

fromcultivars of the  Da Bai  (Large White) tea tree Family. This tea HAS Fine Downy 

hairs which catch the light. It is commonly included among the China classic teas.

Choosing between the two teas very difficult. 

This is a beautiful hotel that serves ten fine teas and a range of herbal teas. All loose leaf of course.

And while you are in Covent Garden you could buy some fine cheese

Or high quality coffee

Happy tea drinking wherever you are

Cheerio for now

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